Toadstool DIY

What you will need: 
Coco Liners ( in different sizes)
Large, wide tree branches or stumps
Spray Paint
Earthquake or strong adhesive Velcro (optional)

This is called a Coco Liner.  You can find them at garden shops for a few dollars at your local Home Depot.  I found mine at Joann's Fabrics.  They come in different sizes.  I got a few extra large ones and some large ones.  They can be molded a bit with your hands if you pull on them.  Try to find ones that are more of a bowl shape.  

For the spray paint, get the colors you like…You can do Red and white or do bright colors.  I chose a variety of bright colors and white.    Take the coco liners and spray them one solid color on the outside.  The best way to do this is turn them upside down(rounded side up) on a large piece of cardboard and spray away.  Let them dry.

Take the white spray paint or what ever color you want the dots to be and quickly spray dots on various places on the rounded part of the liners.  

Any stump or short wide branch will do.  Make sure they stand on their own.  You may have to cut them a bit to make them flat in order to stand on their own.  Place the rounded “mushroom tops” on top of the stumps.  You can attach them or just sit them on top of the stumps. If you chose to have them attached, use earthquake or strong velcro. 



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