Monday, December 29, 2014

First Alice In Wonderland Party Part One

I love Alice in Wonderland.  I have loved the magical, fantasy tale since I was young.  As a teenager, I read all the classics: Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.  If you have never read theses originals...I highly recommend them...even at an adult level!  There is so much you can learn rereading it as an adult.  When my children were old enough to appreciate it... almost 5 and almost 3, I decided to throw an epic Alice in Wonderland Party.  We were preparing to move from Savannah, Ga.  It was a few months away from my youngest's bday, but I thought we could do it as a going away party.  I was a theatre major and was in the drama group at our church.  I started putting my ideas together and quickly called my theatre friends from my drama group to see who would be willing to do it with me.  All the costumes I bought on Amazon.   I bought the wig and Hatter hat online, but his outfit, I did rent.  You could very well just piece it together.

 Don't feel like you have to do all these characters or even any.  However, if you do have characters, it is important to find one who will be the main character either Alice, the Mad Hatter, The Red Queen...etc.  In my case it was the Mad Hatter, but the Red Queen took over once she came in and crashed the party.

HAVE YOUR ACTORS OR ACTOR COME EARLY.  Give them a space in your home to do their makeup and dress.   I gave them my bedroom/bathroom.

 As for my bedroom and unmade bed...don't judge me!  lol  I spiked a crazy fever that day and I was so sick throughout the whole party.

Here is the Hatter's transformation:

  Here's the Hatter before make up and costume; he is on the right.   Those are my girls and our Alice (before hair and makeup)
Here is our Alice with the Mad Hatter:

Here's our Red Queen with Alice:
    Pre- Makeup and hair
Our Red Queen was AHHHHmazing!
Then we have the supporting characters....  
This is our White Rabbit and my husband had a very short and brief role of painting the roses red. 

Here they are together.  I didn't get very many pictures of my Door Mouse second from the right.

My friends basically improved the whole thing.  I had a night when they came over and we watched Alice In Wonderland (the old Disney one) and talked about the order of events.  I gave them a brief outline.

I wanted the Hatter to be there opening the door and greeting people and the Door Mouse inside.  Shortly into the party, Alice came in running around asking if we had seen the white rabbit.  Every once in a while the white rabbit would run through the house saying he was late and then disappeared.  Before the Red Queen crashed the party (about 30 minutes in), I had the Card run around with his white roses with some paint on them with his paint brush and bucket.  He was frantically telling everyone he was painting the roses red.  
A few minutes after that, the Red Queen made her entrance and took over.  It was GREAT!  No one expected her to be there. I had so many people comment on the fact that they would have paid to go to the party it was so entertaining.  

You can watch videos from the party here: 
The Red Queen Crashing the party:
Teaching Alice how to greet the Red Queen:
The Hatter singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat:
The Red Queen bossing the White Rabbit around:
Before croquet, the Queen saying she always wins:

Next Blog Post I will tell you about the magical entrance to the party.  

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Award Ribbons with Sass


I am a HUGE party lover and thrower.  I LOVE throwing them.  Some say I should be a professional party planner, but that would take the fun and creativity out of it.  Plus I am TERRIBLE with budget...uh, what is budget??  In this blog, I will be posting a lot of parties I have done with all the creative homemade ideas and lots of other creative stuff.  

I am in the middle of preparing for a big Halloween party.  I wanted to give the kids awards for costumes.  I found some lame ones at Target...they just said first and second in the dollar bins.  Not good enough.  So I decided to make these:

and these....

So simple...I will never buy award ribbons again!  Yes, I did stay up until 2:00am, but that is because I made so many.  This is a GREAT WAY to use all those ribbon scraps you may have been saving hoping for a time when you will use them.  Now maybe your husband will understand why it is so important to "save the ribbon!!!"  :)
These are super easy.  You can use hot glue or tacky glue.  I prefer hot glue.  
First I downloaded a picture of a basic circle from the internet, then I added the wording I wanted to on photoshop, but I am sure there are many other programs you can use.  I printed out the circles with wording on different kinds of thick scrapbook paper, the kind that feels more like card stock.  I cut each one out.  Then I found some ribbon scraps that made a good palette together.  Each strip of ribbon is 5 inches long...give or take. I used scrap rick rack and other embellishments as well like lace ribbon.   I made sure I cut out two of the same ribbon patterns.  I glued them in crisscross layers on the back of the circle.  

When I was done layering the scraps, I cut the ends with little V's.  I glued two longer strips at the bottom  4- 6 inches, with cut V's at the bottom.  Then I added one of these pin backing things I had that I had bought a while ago in the jewelry section of a craft store, or on Etsy.  That's it!

FYI...this is a new blog.  My older blog is if you want to check it out.  There are a few party ideas on there as well.