Great ideas for a 70s Disco Party Part 1

A friend of mine was turning 40 so we decided to throw her a 1970''s party and it was the grooviest!!!
Here's the setup:

Decorations - 

The Table- Food setup

"Happy Birthday Lois"
I found a really cool flower child font.  On Photoshop I layered pictures of records with the flower child font on top of it.  One letter on each record.  I printed each one out, cut them out, and punched holes in the tops for a ribbon to go through to create a banner.  For the chain background...I went to Michael's and found large scrapbook paper in groovy colors.   I cut them out in strips and taped them into chains.   You can't see the colors too well with the picture, but I made them go from dark colors (left to right)to lighter in an ombre affect.  I found the inspiration here: The 70s pictures I googled and printed out and taped to the wall. 

I moved my chairs and dining room table around to make room for a lot of people to walk around and/or sit.  

Here are some up close pictures of the food table. I found a lot of vintage dishes at my local thrift stores and on Etsy that were not very expensive to serve food on.  Mushrooms were in in the 70s in more ways than one.  wink wink. See the ugly green glass bowl and plate that was so popular in the 70s? I found other tchotchkes to help decorate the table like the white owl and lava lamps (you can find them on Amazon).  I also used a Light Brite (also found on Etsy) to make a message as a centerpiece.  In these pictures the food had not been set out yet. Notice I also had candy from the 1970s like the dum dums and sugar stix. 

I made the record bowls and the record cake stand.  So easy! I found the tutorial here: Record bowls:  For the Record cupcake stand, you can find my tutorial on it here:

Around my bar I printed out pictures of some 70's punk bands and posted them on the wall. Where else would the punks be than at the bar?

 Once it got darker I lit up my table, like you see on the bottom  right, with LED lighted bases (link to buy below).  I also put changing fairy lights that you can also find on Amazon in my disco  ball like candle holders. The Light Brite looked amazing once it was plugged in!  Lots of ambiance. As for the groovy table cloths on the tables, I bought some psychedelic like vintage fabric on Etsy.  You could also find some at your local thrift old sheet perhaps.

I had my own Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann dolls from the 70s that I used for decorations.  I found that Love sign with a peace sign on it (Amazon) and the three glass disco balls(TJ Maxx).  If you look closely you can see that all the framed pictures on my walls I cover with 70s record albums. Just tape them right over the glass...easy.

 You can see my disco ball hanging from the ceiling.  Make sure you get the contraption that turns it as well.  Also make sure you pay attention to the size of the disco ball.  You don't want it too small. I got my disco ball on Amazon here:  and the motor to move it around:
I bought some larger lava lamps like the one standing on the floor, the gold mylar stringing background, and the balloons had LED lights inside.  I got similar balloons to these on Amazon:
Of course it is good to rent a helium tank or buy one.

The picture above is the glass beaded curtains I bought from an online Event website (wish I could remember which one, google it).  On the other side of the beaded curtain was the "Psychedelic Lounge. "  In there we had a lava lamp, a mood light I got on Amazon that created an ocean on the ceiling ( 70s games including Twister.  I also had some flower power floor pillows in there and blow up very 70s!

This is a good picture of the lighting and the blow up chair right before the "Psychedelic Lounge."
I printed out a lot of 70s concert posters.  I just googled them.  Those were put all around my bathroom walls and other areas in my house.  Going into the bathroom we had a wooden beaded curtain that is not pictured here. 

When the guests walked in, there was a table with some goodies they could take...glow sticks, groovy glasses, and mood rings all from Oriental Trading Company and Amazon.
More from the "Psychedelic Lounge"...Hula Hoops, Simon Says, Trouble, Rock em, Sock em Robots, Etch a Sketches.

My blow up furniture...with my dog...nor really a panda just a maltese painted as a panda. :) 

More 70s record album covers and 70s this picture, candy cigarettes

 Another nook of my house...record album covers and  Gumby and Pokey!
Coming up to my house, we had rolled out the red carpet and stanchions  also found on Amazon. 

We also had some fondue in my kitchen!  So very 70s.  You can see the photo booth in the background. 
Here is our photo booth.  I found a photo drop on Etsy I think or maybe Amazon that looked Disco like. 
Everyone dressed up 70s.  I had a few dress up as 70s punks, Star Wars Characters, 70s disco people, 70s workout people, hippies, and The Blues Brothers were AWESOME! 

 This is me and my, my hubby's hair is not really like that!!  He doesn't have facial hair either, all a 70s illusion!
As you can see...I had lots of props.  As for the words ...I printed out things from online that were very 70s and glued them on cardboard and foam core board to make it stiff.  I used dowels to glue them to in order for people to hold them up. 

Lighting and Ambiance

Lighting and ambiance are so important to create the right mood at a party.  Here is a list of items I bought or already had to do just that!

This is THE NUMBER ONE item that I continuously use for my parties and is one of the best investments I have made.  We have used this so much and others have borrowed it.  So worth the price! 
This is the Ion Audio Party Rocker Live Bluetooth Speaker with Party lights and app control.  I have the older model without an app control, but still bluetooth.  The lights are amazing as is the sound.  You can also choose to turn the lights off and just use it as a speaker.  I plug a microphone into it for events. You can find it here: ION Party Rocker portable Bluetooth speaker system with built-in light show  You can see here how well it works at a party and this was in a pretty large room!


This is the Fortune ST-15R Super Lighted LED Serving Tray 13.75" Dimeter.  I also found this on Amazon.  It changes colors.  You can see it to multi colors or single colors like red, green, etc.  This is great to serve people with or but drinks on. 


As mentioned above, in the "Psychedelic Lounge"  I used a light that made an ocean on the ceiling.  You can choose to have it changes colors or remain on one color.  You can find it here: Is it obvious that I am an Amazon junkie?


In addition to lava lamps...yes on can get these ...remember these?  You touch it and the electricity light things changes to attract to your finger or wherever you put your finger?  So here is another tip...since I had a lot of these groovy lights decorating my house...for the games we played (see my next post (blog entry)for that coming up) people won lava lamps and plasma lamps etc.  That way I was't left with all these lava lamps etc. wondering what to do with them.  


So here is an option if you do not want to buy a disco ball or the ion speaker or if you just want more ambiance with your lighting.  This lil contraption is under 4.00 at Amazon.  I got a few of them and put them in all my lights in place of light bulbs.  This light will go around and create a disco light.  


This is a great light for so many different things.  I have used it for alcohol bottles and other things.  You can see it in the pictures above lighting up a jar of candy.  These change colors or you can have it stay on one color.  GREAT party investment!  I use these at all my night parties.

This other one is the same idea, but a rectangle.

MORE TO COME IN PART 2 of the Disco Party how to....tomorrow!


  1. I love your disco party ideas. Want to throw a disco party at one of Chicago event space and would really implement your ideas there. Thanks for sharing them here. Have never arranged such a party. So quite excited and thrilled for it.


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