Adult Alice in Wonderland Party

My best friend and I love Alice and Wonderland.  I have had several Mad Tea Parties, but my bestie did a whole new take on it!  She did an adult version of Wonderland. It was fabulous and the pictures don’t do it justice, but I thought I would share.  Of course lighting is everything with parties.  A lot of the ambiance came when the sun set and the lights were on.  There was a lot of cool blue lights and up lights.  Unfortunately, pictures at night are not as amazing as when you are there in person, but you will get the idea. 

Before the sun set…
This is what the guest saw when they walked up to the front door.  The party was in not far from Los Angeles so there are a lot of amazing prop places out there.  She rented the large mad hatter hat.  I think she originally wanted it in the back with the party, but they couldn’t fit it through the gate to the back…so this is where it stayed. 

Once you went down the rabbit hole (the front door) you entered a magical place of music, lights and mood.  The rabbit greeted you in the entry way with custom specialty drinks on the left.  It was really blue and dark when you came inside, but I lightened the picture so you could see the rabbit and setup on the table.  Tables and chairs were set up in the living room with fabric lining the ceiling and paper flowers hanging from the ceiling.  Notice the giant mushroom.  Some whimsy with the adult nightclub scene.  Each table had a different bright colored satin table cloth. One could very easily buy different satin fabrics from a fabric store and do the same.

            The food was catered and magnificently displayed.

The dance floor was amazing and very Alice like.  She went through a shop on Etsy to get the giant paper flowers that you see here and there.  You can see on the right the DJ table.  A rental company came and put up the black and white fabric walls lining around the pool and the round lamps. 

There was a cigar station set up and a table with a large hooka. The other pictures are to show you the other end of the yard around the pool and how that was set up.  There were floating light up flowers in the pool you could see when the sun set. The bar was at the end of the pool and they had a bartender.

When the sun set…what a magical party it was!


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