Record Three Tiered Party Tray - cupcake stand

This will be short and sweet.  The project should take you like 5 minutes once you have everything.

You will need:
-Three records (colored or black) 2 -45'' and one large record or two large records and one 45''
-Cake plate stand Handle Fittings.

First you need records!

I found some pretty colored ones on Ebay or Etsy.  Search Amazon for 3 Tier Cake Stand Handle Cake Plate Stand Centre Handle Fittings and you will find some in gold and silver.   They are under 10.00.  You will need this to put your stand together.

It will look something like this:
Depending on which configuration you choose, you always want to put the larger record or records on the bottom and the smaller one or ones on top. As you can see, I had one 45'' and the other two were large records.  Also keep in mind if you have two large records, put the thicker one on the bottom.  The orange record I used was thicker than the blue one so the orange one went on the bottom.  Start with your the handle...that goes on top. Put one of the white round washers between the metal pieces on one side.  I'm not sure if it matters which side, but I put mine on the top side of the record as you can see in the picture.   Screw the handle part into one of the other rods with the small record in between the two metal pieces.  Turn it until tight. Do the same thing with the next rod with a record in between.  Then you will need your large record last.  On the bottom of that large record you will need the metal washer with the screw to go underneath the record and you are done!


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