Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Great ideas for a 70s Disco Party Part Duex

Here is part 2 of my 70s party post. 
If you missed the first part of this party...you can find the post here: http://consumedbycreativity.blogspot.com/2016/03/great-ideas-for-70s-disco-party-part-1.html
The entrance to your party is so important.  It sets the tone for your party and gets your guests excited the moment they walk up to your house.  I decided to do a red carpet with stanchions.  Both of which I bought on Amazon.  The stanchions you can find here:
They are plastic and filled with sand in the base, so you don't have to worry about them being metal and hurting someone.  

Here are some more groovy pictures from the party. 

You can easily make your own photo booth.  It is well worth the cost as you will use it time and time again for different events, birthdays and tons of your friends will want to borrow it.  Just change out the backdrop. 
You can view the Photo Booth Tutorial here:  

Here are some groovy pictures we took in the photo booth.  

Disclaimer...I am not promoting smoking...these "cigarettes" were candy cigarettes.  :)

My groovy family

 Of course if you are going to have a 70s Party, you have to have a disco.  We made a dance line and people took turns dancing down the middle showing their funky moves.  It was so much fun!  We used the Disco light speaker you can find in my other post here: 
You can see in the picture and in the video below the dancing lights it casts on the ceiling.  It puts out great sound too.  
 Make sure you put together a far-out playlist of disco, rock, and R&B songs from that period (the disco speaker is bluetooth as well). 

Notice the fake cigarettes in some of the people's mouths.  Remember those?  You can blow "smoke" out of them and eat them?

We recreated some 70s game shows.  We had the Gong Show.   We even had the Unknown Comic  who told lame jokes.  I don't have a picture of my friend who did this, but he looked something like the original shown here: 

We had a "Gong" which was really a high hat from a drum set.  For those of you who don't know what the Gong show was you can watch videos of it on Youtube.  Basically it was a talent show of bad, silly, lame acts. Before the party we told our guests to figure out things they could do for the gong show.  Make sure you know ahead of time who is going to do it and what they call them selves so you can announce them.  We picked three judges...one of which was the birthday girl.  The acts would come out and perform.  A few times the Unknown Comic would try to interrupt and tell a lame joke in between acts.  When the judges can't take it anymore they are gonged.  This was so much fun and we all had so many laughs!  At the end  we had all the acts line up and when I put my hand over each person the audience clapped.  The one with the most claps one and got a prize.  In this case the prize was one of the lava lamps I had placed around the house for decoration.  They could take it at the end of the party. 

Here is our winning act 
dancing for the birthday girl...his name I will keep anonymous. HA! 

       We also played the "dating game".  The winner would win a lunch date with our birthday girl it could be a boy or girl.  How we played this is we had a screen or divider we put up.  The birthday girl was on one side and the "bachelors" and "bachelorettes" on the other side where she couldn't see them.  She would a question from a list of questions I prettied up.  She could pick from that list.  In order for her not to know who it was by their voice since she knew everyone at the party, I had them disguise their voices with a voice changer I got from Amazon when they answered questions.  It was a lot of fun.  You can get ideas on the types of questions and how to play by youtubing the old Dating Game show.
Another very 70s game we played was Limbo stick.  We played the limbo stick song.  

 One last thing...I made my own sign props for the photo booth as you can see below.  I just googled disco party words or decorations and printed them out and pasted them on poster board and glued sticks to them.  Some of them I made myself with photoshop or a Word program.  I just enlarged them before I printed them.



Monday, April 25, 2016


Ever wanted to rent a real old fashioned photo booth for your event or party?  Have you actually priced these things??? It can start at $475 and go up.  FORGET THAT!  I have a great tutorial here on how to make your own and use it over and over again!  Be warned...however...your friends will all want to borrow it for their events too!

Here is what you will need:
  • 10 X 10 pop up canopy tent (around 100.00)
  • Yards of  cheap black fabric (8-10 or more)
  • bluetooth or airport printer
  • Light or work light to shine towards the people for the photo if it is dark. 
** If you don't have an iPad or don't want the three small pictures like an vintage photo booth prints out, then you can skip the iPad, the Photo Booth app, and iPad floor stand.  Instead, just have someone in charge of snapping pictures at the photo area.

If you follow these easy steps you will have pictures that print out like these:

                                                                DISCLAIMER:  I am not promoting smoking.  The "cigarettes" in these picture were candy cigarettes. 

If you choose to make a realistic photo booth, you will need the 10X10 canopy.  Once you put up the canopy, you can cover it with black fabric (as show below) to make it private for the users. I used the same clips  o clip on the fabric around the canopy as I have listed above to clip on the photo backdrop.  You can put a sign outside that says: "photo booth".  Put the photo backdrop stand together and clip the backdrop to the stand.  Put the bench or chairs in front of it.  Put the prop box inside filled with props and signs. Have the iPad on the iPad stand facing the bench and with the vintage photo booth app on.  You may or may not need to make directions and post them inside the booth on how to use the app.    You may want to take a few trial pictures before the party to have the iPad at the right  level from the bench.  The stand is moveable and bendable which helps so you can get the exact angle for the pictures. 

Here is the sign I hung outside the booth.  

This was the set up inside. I put the backdrop up with the photo backdrop stand and put a cute bench in front with my cute daughter to pose.

Here is the iPad on the stand and a box of props.  Many times you can either use things around your house for props or get things from the dollar store or make your own prop signs. 

Have your security code disabled on your iPad so no one will have to bother you about how to log on.  However if you can't do that, then post the password somewhere in the booth. 

As I stated previously, ou may have to post directions on how to use the app, but my friends didn't have a problem.  It was pretty self explanatory.  Sit down, press the button and change your pose each time the screen flashed.  

As far as getting your friends their pictures, you can do this one of two ways.  You can have a bluetooth or airport printer there for them to print out right there, which will cost a bit to get all the ink and paper.  The cheaper way is to upload all the pictures on a Facebook group page later or email them in a Google doc.  Then people can download them and print them if they want, saves you money and time.

Another option, which I have done in these pictures below, is that I did not have the "booth".  In other words, I did not set up the tent and black fabric or the iPad.  I just set up the backdrop and props and took pictures with my Cannon.  Here are some examples of that:

Another option is to set up the backdrop and the iPad with the Photo Booth app and stand, but with no tent and black fabric around it. I have done that as well even at a wedding. 

Now is your turn to make your own booth!  Let me know how it goes!  I use mine at EVERY event and then some!