10 Unique and Low Cost Back to School Gifts for Teacher

I am not usually one to, well, to be honest…kiss butt.  However, I do think that first impressions are important especially when it comes to the person you are entrusting your children to six hours a day, five days a week.  I don’t want them to think I am a crazy parent, which I am not.  I want them to have a warm feeling towards my kids off the bat, even if they may not be perfect angels.  So one of the best ways to do this, besides meeting them for a quick chat before my child starts school is with a thoughtful gift.  It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, just sweet and thoughtful.  

I have put a list of some of what I think are the cutest, most unique, low cost, first day gifts I have found, including mine.  Enjoy and just remember it is not kissing butt…it is a first impression!  :)

1. A First Day Kit
   I found a small little organizer box in the jewelry section of Michael’s.  A lot of the items I filled it with I already had at my house.  Make sure you add some kisses as well.  I then borrowed a great chalkboard image I found here source at Crstyal’s site, A Pumpkin and a Princessm and taped it on the inside.  She also has a great tutorial about an Emergency Kit for Teachers which is so cute!  Here are my results: 

                        The gold hearts are cute lil push pins I found.

2. Notebook Tea Cloths
These are adorable.  If you have an embroidery machine you could even add a few words on it or the teachers name. This is from Liz Stanley from the blog Say Yes.  source

3. Gold Glitter Apple Tote
For the teacher you think may like some bling!  Very useful for teacher and stylish too.  This is from Katie at The Casual Craftlete  source

4. Mason Jar School Supply Organizer
If you have some mason jars and a wooden crate, this is very useful and thoughtful.  I love the rustic look of this.  Check out the tutorial from Kim Six at The Kim Six Fix source

5. Personalized Memory Stick
This is such a smart gift!  It is so easy to loose memory sticks.  Give their teacher a gift that they will be useful and they will have a hard time losing.  Check out the tutorial at Jessica’s blog: Mad in Crafts. source

6. Wake Up Teacher Gift
I, myself, am a coffee addict.  If you know your child 's teacher drinks coffee or if you can find out from someone else at the school this is a great gift!  I, personally, would love it!  I think you may also do this for a tea drinker.  Mique at Thirty Handmade Days has a fun tutorial. source

7. Smart Cookie Jar
This is one your child can help you make.  However, with all the allergies now a days, make sure you find out if your teacher has any food preferences, or issues or allergies.  This Smart Cookie Tutorial is so sweet from Laura from the blog Corner House. source

8. Personalized Teacher Note cards
If you are good at stamping or graphics or if you just want to download a basic layout, this is the craft for you.  This is a gift that would be cute and definitely useful for a teacher.  Marie at G*rated has a great tutorial. source

9. Burt’s Bees LIps
This is an easy, simple, and quick gift that also shows you are thinking of the teacher.  Here in the East Coast, a chapstick is great all year long.  Julie at the Happy Home Fairy blog shows you the cutest way to gift some chapstick to your teacher. source

1 0. Teacher’s crate
Every teacher needs a little organization!  This personalized gift can be filled with bleach wipes, notebooks, pens, whatever you think a teacher may need.  When they are done taking out all the goodies, it will be really useful in the classroom for organization.  FYI  I noticed this week that Michael’s has rulers you could just hot glue on the crates, if you are not into painting.  Melissa at Sippy Cup Mom came up with this great idea and tutorial. source

And While you are at it….Give them a survey for future gifts.

I included one of these surveys in with my gift to the teacher.  I added a note for them to fill it out and send it home with my child.  This survey not only helps my child get to know the teacher, but also helps me figure out what would be good gifts for them later in the year for Christmas or Teacher Appreciation Day etc. 

Here are three of my favorites:

This one comes in this color and a red and pink you can chose from.

Hope you and your children have a Great school year!!!


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