5 Things Every Mom Needs to Organize Her Home

Thank the good Lord for Pinterest, Amen??  I have found so many things on there that I have adapted into my life and it has helped out so much.  I am a very artistic an creative person, but staying organized and tidy...I struggle with.  I am not terrible at it, but it is not something that doesn't come naturally to me.  Well, I do like to organize, but keeping it that way...that's another issue!  I thought I would share my Top 5 things that help me out in my daily life as mom and wife, all of which I adapted from Pinterest.  Hope they help you too!  Would love to hear from you in the comments as to things you can't do without in your home.

1. Command Center!

A place for the kid's crap!  A place for everyone to know what is on the daily schedule and even the menu for the week.  A place for art and to help the kids remember things.  A place for the inner workings of the home.

I have some of the kid's art framed, a bulletin board for me, and school pictures of the girls.
There is a Job Chart, Behavior Chart, buckets with chalk and wipe off markers. 
   I also painted one of the rectangles on my pantry door with chalk paint to write the weekly menu.  
The "menu" I did with a paint marker and stencils.  I write on it weekly with chalk.  My kids love being able to know what is for dinner ahead of time, since they always ask.  Speaking of chalk...I prefer the chalk pencils.  They write so much better than chalk sticks that break. 
 I put a calendar behind glass so I can write on the glass and wipe off every month, but I also have 7 small chalkboards with each letter of the week  to detail daily events.  I made the chalk boards out of 5x7 frames.  I took off the glass and painted the backing with chalkboard paint.  I added wooden letters that I painted white for each day of the week.  

There are three wood slots for the girls homework or library books and our stuff like bills.  I put up two art bulletin boards for each girl and also each girl has an info bulletin board above their hooks that they hang their backpacks and jacket on.  The info board is for things they need to remember ...like school things I need to fill out or for flyers from their school (like late library book slips).  Also, I can put love notes on their for the girls or write reminder notes. I bought framed bulletin boards at Hobby Lobby that I then painted white and black on the frame part.   I attached the first letter of their names on each bulletin board.  They are wood and I painted them in black and white chevron.  

3. Job Chart

I will have a tutorial up soon for this one!  This works hand in hand with the behavior chart.  My girls love earning the money, and we have a nice clean house too! I took this picture before I had printed out the jobs on paper and laminated them, so forgive the green sticky notes...but you get the idea!

4. Crap Bins

This is awesome if you have a two story home, like we do, but really can work in a one story home as well.  These are great because I can quickly pick up my kids things if someone drops in, but they still have to put them away and be responsible for their stuff.  I used a paint marker and stencils to add their names to the bins.  The Etc. one is for me and my husband.

5. Daily, weekly, monthly cleaning list 

I have yet to make this...but I will as soon as this blizzard blows through here in New England.  Or maybe during.  The plan is to customize this to my chores and then print it out and put it behind a glass frame so I can check it off as I go.  This is a picture  of the chart from  Simply Kierste http://simplykierste.com/2012/02/a-clean-home.html

I totally want to do this and adapt it to my life and home.  I will add it to my command center.  I am so bad at procrastinating with cleaning.  This will for sure keep me on task. 

Have a great and productive week!


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