Award Ribbons with Sass


I am a HUGE party lover and thrower.  I LOVE throwing them.  Some say I should be a professional party planner, but that would take the fun and creativity out of it.  Plus I am TERRIBLE with budget...uh, what is budget??  In this blog, I will be posting a lot of parties I have done with all the creative homemade ideas and lots of other creative stuff.  

I am in the middle of preparing for a big Halloween party.  I wanted to give the kids awards for costumes.  I found some lame ones at Target...they just said first and second in the dollar bins.  Not good enough.  So I decided to make these:

and these....

So simple...I will never buy award ribbons again!  Yes, I did stay up until 2:00am, but that is because I made so many.  This is a GREAT WAY to use all those ribbon scraps you may have been saving hoping for a time when you will use them.  Now maybe your husband will understand why it is so important to "save the ribbon!!!"  :)
These are super easy.  You can use hot glue or tacky glue.  I prefer hot glue.  
First I downloaded a picture of a basic circle from the internet, then I added the wording I wanted to on photoshop, but I am sure there are many other programs you can use.  I printed out the circles with wording on different kinds of thick scrapbook paper, the kind that feels more like card stock.  I cut each one out.  Then I found some ribbon scraps that made a good palette together.  Each strip of ribbon is 5 inches long...give or take. I used scrap rick rack and other embellishments as well like lace ribbon.   I made sure I cut out two of the same ribbon patterns.  I glued them in crisscross layers on the back of the circle.  

When I was done layering the scraps, I cut the ends with little V's.  I glued two longer strips at the bottom  4- 6 inches, with cut V's at the bottom.  Then I added one of these pin backing things I had that I had bought a while ago in the jewelry section of a craft store, or on Etsy.  That's it!

FYI...this is a new blog.  My older blog is if you want to check it out.  There are a few party ideas on there as well. 


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